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Sprinkler Blowouts

If you have invested in a system, you care about the health of your lawn. But did you know that your sprinkler system can be at risk during the winter months? At Chivos Landscaping International Inc , we offer a top-quality sprinkler blowout service that will work to ensure that your system stays protected against potential damage, all winter long.

If you have been looking for a team of sprinkler winterization specialists that will bring you fast and affordable service, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with us today by calling (561) 348-0693.

Working with Our Sprinkler System Winterization Team

At Chivos Landscaping International Inc , our talented team of lawn care experts will do our very best to winterize your system. Here’s how it works:

System Assessment

Before we can get started blowing out your sprinkler, we must survey the system and get an understanding of what kind of product we are winterizing. Certain systems require specialized care. At Chivos Landscaping International Inc , we are more than equipped to deal with any system that’s in front of us.


We will then attach a compressor to the blow out port and use air to drain the system of excess water. We will also ensure that the automatic controller is shut off and insulated, saving you money on bills throughout the winter months.

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Chivos Landscaping International Inc     Sprinkler Blowout

Sprinkler Winterize: The Team for the Job

On top of being highly experienced experts, our team is proud to offer services that are both convenient and affordable.


Winterizing your system is a simple procedure that will take between an hour and an hour and a half to complete. One of the great aspects of this service is that it can be completed whether or not you are home. Once we arrive at your property and locate the system, we will be able to get started while you go about the rest of your day.


While having your system blown out is an important investment, we strive to keep our pricing both transparent and affordable. That’s just another way we work to put our valued customers first.

Reliable Sprinkler Blowouts

If you care about the health of your lawn, don’t put your sprinkler system at risk. Our sprinkler blowouts are quick, convenient, affordable, and worth it.

Don’t wait for the temperature to drop! Call to set up an appointment today!