Sod Installation in Palm Beach

Chivos Landscaping International Inc believes that all property owners in Palm Beach deserve the property of their dreams! That’s why we’re happy to offer our customers a sod installation service, as well as a sod replacement service to replace pallets that haven’t taken to the lawn as well as they should. Sod installation can be a big job and needs to be done right. Trusting us means putting your trust in the future of your green space.

Lawn Sod for Luxurious Grass

If your goal for your green space is a luxurious lawn, your options are usually one of these two:

  1. Growing a lawn from seeds. If this is the option right for you, our team will first prep your lawn with soil and fertilizer. Seeds are carefully sewn into the ground after it’s prepped. The next step is… to wait. Grass is a fast-growing plant, but a full lawn usually needs multiple re-seedings to fill in sparse patches. We will preform routine check-ins to assure the healthy and proper growth of your grass.
  2. Laying sod. Like a seeded lawn, the ground under a sodded lawn sometimes needs to be prepped with soil, fertilizer, or insecticide. If this is the option right for you, we will lay pallets of grass onto the prepared land. The result? An almost perfect lawn, almost immediately. At the very beginning, there may be seams visible between pallets, but these fill in quickly as the roots of the sod attach to the ground. The result is a lush, full lawn—in a fraction of the time it takes to seed!

Chivos Landscaping International Inc ’s Sod Installation

Not all properties provide the ideal conditions for sod. Like all living things, sod needs certain things to really thrive, like…

  1. Enough sunlight, but not too much. Sod is a roll of developed, living grass plants, like all plants it needs to soak up the sun’s rays in order to nourish itself. Too much sun and you risk drying your plants out, which could kill the sod roll and require it to be replaced. With our years of experience and our highly skilled team, we know the best times to lay sod. With extra care and attention, we will monitor the weather conditions so that the sod will thrive.
  2. Sod doesn’t like shade. Sod needs tons of light and soil, which means it doesn’t do well under big shade-casting plants or right next to tall buildings. This is unfortunately a hard line in most cases. It’s not impossible to install a sod lawn with other tall plants around, but shrubs and trees around it will need to be trimmed regularly. Before we install a sodded lawn, we will assess your property and the surrounding shrubs and hedges as to better plan for the install.

Call Today for the Best Sodding in Palm Beach!

If you’re ready for a beautiful lawn, and you don’t want to wait for your seeded lawn to grow, get in touch with Chivos Landscaping International Inc at (561) 348-0693 to talk to us about how our sod installation service can work for you! Sod has many financial and ecological benefits: it can deter pests, reduce noise to your home, help fight climate change by reducing CO2 levels, increase the market value of your home, put oxygen into the atmosphere, and keep pollution out of groundwater. For the lawn you deserve for your home or business, call us today!